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During the 3 year work plan of TIARA-PP, 36 milestones are foreseen. The time schedule is shown in the chart below.






Milestones in 2011





Short name Description Type

Planned month

Achieved month

MS8 3 NWPC Nomination of WPC for each ARA Other 1 7
MS13 4 FSG Formation of Study Group for identification of key issues Other 1 not needed
MS1 1 MTR Monitoring Tool and documentation Repository Other 4 3
MS14 4 FWG Formation of Working Groups Other 5 14
MS25 6 M_INSTR Interim report on existing beam instrumentation Report 5 5
MS4 2 I-GI Interim Report on General Issues Report 6 6
MS19 5 METR Meeting to plan ETR report Other 7 7
MS9 3 ISR Interim Infrastructure Survey Report Report 8 10
MS27 7 RFSysReq Report on RF system layout and requirements Report 8 10
MS29 8 HARDW-A Purchase of crucial hardware components Other 9 6
MS20 5 METD Meeting to plan ETD database Other 11  11
MS6 2 I-CDO Interim Report on Communication, Dissemination and Outreach Report 12 13
MS33 9 DSIF Definition and Specifications of the Irradiation test Facilities Report 12 12

Milestones in 2012





Short name Description Type

Planned month

Achieved month

MS35 9 URCS User requirements and setting up of the test Cryostat Specifications Report 13 36
MS26 6 M_KNOBS Specification of emittance knobs ready Report 16 17
MS34 9 PDIF Preliminary Design report of the high power Irradiation test Facility Report 16 26
MS2 1 MGM Midterm General Meeting Other 17 18
MS10 3 IWD Presentation of the Infrastructure Web-based database to TIARA collaborators Other 17 18
MS5 2 I-AMO Interim report on Advisory Mechanisms and Organization Report 18 19
MS7 2  I-FMN Interim report on Financial Managements Needs Report 18 19
MS30 8  ACC-D Design of accelerating structures (prototype and final) Report 18 18
MS31 8  RF-LLE-D Design LLRF Report 18 18
MS36 9  PDCC Preliminary Design study of the low beta SC Cavity test Cryostat Report 18 included in D9.2
MS21 5  MASR Meeting to plan ASC report Other 19 18
MS28 7  SymDiac Simulation of Diacrode complete Report 19 25
MS11 3  IRC Interim Infrastructure Need and Resource Comparison Report 20 31
MS22 5  MIRW Interim report for input to WP2.2.4 Report 20 28
MS12 3  JTI Presentation of structure proposals for joining the TIARA distributed accelerator R&D Infrastructure and sustaining and maintaining the Infrastructure database to representatives of the TIARA collaborators Other 21 23
MS15 4


Joint meeting of WP3 and WP4: Presentation of proposals for joining the TIARA distributed R&D Infrastructure Other 21 18
MS16 4  RPA Report on R&D Projects Access, describing procedures for identifying, defining and launching of collaborative R&D projects Report 22 23
MS17 4  JPR Intermediate Report on Joint R&D Programme Report 24 28
MS32 8  RF-LLE-P First LLRF electronics prototype Prototype 24 30

Milestones in 2013

Milestone Number WP Number Short name Description Type Planned month Achieved month
MS23 5  MMWP Meeting with WPs 3 and 4 to take input for PAR report Other 26 27
MS24 5  MPAR Meeting to plan PAR report Other 30 30
MS18 4  RDP Presentation of final, implemented plan of the collaborative R&D Programme Report 32 34
MS3 1  FGM Final General Meeting Other 34 35


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