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The overall aim of TIARA is to facilitate and optimize the R&D effort in the field of accelerator science and technology in Europe. This endeavour involves the large number of partners in many european countries. The interested partners include national and international organizations managing large research centers, universities as well as industrial companies.



The elaboration of the means and structures enabling the realization of the TIARA objectives are carried out through the TIARA Preparatory Phase project partially funded by the European Commission. Eleven participants from 8 countries (CEA and CNRS from France, CIEMAT from Spain, DESY and GSI from Germany, INFN from Italy, PSI from Switzerland, STFC from United Kingdom, Uppsala University from Sweden, IPJ-PAN from Poland) as well as an international organization (CERN) are members of the TIARA Preparatory Phase consortium, see participant institutes.



The participant institutes are acting as contacts for their national communities interested on accelerator R&D and the associated national institutes and industrial companies, see associated institutes and associated industrial partners. In addition, the interested institutes from countries not represented as participants of the TIARA-PP consortium have also the possibilities to contribute as associated partners to one of the member of the consortium.


To fulfil its goal, the TIARA Preparatory Phase project is divided into 9 work packages (WP). Five of them are administrative and organizational WP, dedicated to management, governance, R&D infrastructures, joint R&D programming, and education and training. The four others are technical WP, dedicated toward the upgrade and/or realization R&D infrastructures for the development of emittance tuning systems, oonisation cooling, high gradient acceleration and high power accelerator components, see management structure.    




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