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The workshops sponsored by TIARA are listed below:



Cryogenics, TIARA industry workshop at GSI

26-28 November 2014, Darmstadt, Germany


>> Go to Event website











Past events

TIARA Workshop on RF Power Generation for Accelerators

17-19 June 2013, Uppsala University, Sweden


Uppsala University and TIARA organize a 3-day workshop on novel concepts for RF power generation for accelerators. Experienced researchers and leading companies in the field of RF power generation and related technologies will gather at the Angstrom laboratory to explore the technical challenges emerging from the design of new accelerators and to match them with state-of-the-art industrial solutions for RF power generation.


The workshop focused on the main areas of:

  • electron tube devices,
  • solid-state amplifiers,
  • phase-stability and timing.

>> Go to Event website






Workshop on “Superconducting Technologies for Next Generation of Accelerators”

4-5 December 2012, CERN Globe of Science and Innovation


The workshop is the first of a series of initiatives aiming at connecting research infrastructures, facing specific technical challenges, with potential commercial partners, fostering R&D collaborations and knowledge exchange.


The programme focused on three main areas of expertise:

  • High and low field magnets,
  • Superconducting cavities,
  • Cryostats and superconducting links.

>> Go to Event website










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