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WP5 Meeting (CERN)
CERN room 216/R401
Wed, Nov. 02nd 2011, 11:00

The main topic to analyse data and start drafting report, data presentation, prepare initial set of tables and charts as a starting point, discuss formats and conclusions.


Start time : 11:00

End time : 17:00


The meeting will be held at CERN in room 216/R401 of building 216 (see on the map).



To attend the meeting by phone:

Number to call +41 22 767 7000

Conference reference: TIARA WP5

Reservation name: Philip Burrows



Draft agenda:


1.       Welcome and apologies

2.       Agreement of agenda

3.       Report to Steering Committee meeting 20/10/11 (Phil)

4.       Status of milestones and deliverables (Phil)

5.       Analysis of survey data:

            Summary of responses (Phil)

            Validating the data (all)

            First look at statistics (Phil/Max)

6.       Drafting of survey report (all):

            Outline of contents

            Specification of charts and tables

            Timeline for completion

7.       Plans for www database (Max)

8.       Future meetings

9.       AoB

Contact : ctanguy
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