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During the 3 year work plan of TIARA-PP, 41 deliverables are foreseen. The time schedule is shown in the chart below.







Deliverables in 2011



Short name Description Type

Lead beneficiary

Planned month Achieved month
D1.1 OWSF Overall Web Site frame ready Other CEA 1 1
D1.2 CAP Consortium Agreement between Participants ready Other CEA 1 1


CCE Contract of the Consortium with the EC signed Other CEA 1 1
D1.4 OKM Organization of the Kickoff Meeting Other CEA 1 1


IWSF Internal Web Site Frame ready Other CEA 2 3
D4.1  KIR General Report on Key Accelerator research Areas and Key R&D Issues Report INFN 5 11
D6.1  D_SLS_NO Report on existing hardware limitations and needed upgrades Report CERN 9 10
D5.1 ETR Education and Training Survey Report Report  STFC 10 16
D2.1 MoA-GI Guidelines on General Issues Report CEA 12 11
D3.1  ISR Infrastructure Survey Report Report CERN 12 22

Deliverables in 2012



Short name Description Type Lead beneficiary Planned month Achieved month
D5.2 ETD Education and Training Resources Data base Other STFC 14 14
D7.1 RFSySV-Spec Report on the design and specification of ICTF RF power distribution system for MICE Step V Report STFC 15 16 
D3.2 IWD Infrastructure Web-based Data base Other CERN 16 22
D1.6 MTR Midterm Report Report CEA 18 19
D2.3 COB Report on Collaboration with Other Bodies Report  CEA 18 19
D6.2 D_SPEC Specifications ready Report CERN 18 20
D5.3 ASR Needs for Accelerator Scientists Report Report  STFC 22 26
D2.2 AMO Report on Advisory Mechanisms and Organization Report CEA 24  23
D2.4 CDO Report on Communication, Dissemination and Outreach Structure Report CEA 24 25
D2.5 FMN Report on Financial Management Needs Report CEA 24 24
D3.3 INR Infrastructure Need and Resource comparison Report CERN 24 36
D3.4 IAR Infrastructure Access Report Report CERN 24 26
D4.2 PAR R&D Projects Access Report Report  INFN 24 28
D6.3 D_IMPL Hardware installed Other  CERN 24 25

Deliverables in 2013



Short name  Description  Type Lead beneficiary Planned month Achieved month
 D8.1 SPARC-C Construction of accelerating structures Other INFN 29 33
D3.5  RUC

Report on potential Upgrades and/or Construction of New R&D Infrastructure in Europe

Report  CERN 30 merged with D3.3
D6.4 FINAL_R WP6 Final report Report CERN 30 36
D2.6 P-ITI Proposal for Initial TIARA Infrastructures Other CEA 33 36
D3.6 JTI

Joining the TIARA distributed Accelerator R&D Infrastructure and defining structures for

sustaining and maintaining the Infrastructure data base

Report CERN 33 36
D4.3 TTR "Toward TIARA". Final plan of the collaborative R&D Program Report INFN 33 36
D5.4 PAR Recommendations for Promoting Accelerator Science and Technology in Europe Report Report STFC 33 35
D7.2 RFAmp1-Test Report on commissioning of the first RF amplifier system in the ICTF Hall Report STFC 33 36
D9.2 TDCC Technical Design Report on the SC Cavity test Cryostat Report CNRS 33 36
D2.7 P-FME Proposal for financial Model and Engineering Report CERN 45 46
D2.8 P-LID Proposal for legal Issues and Documents Report CERN 45 48
D8.2 SPARC-T Installation, commissioning and test report of the C-band Linac at SPARC Report INFN 35 36
D1.7 FTR Final Report (second period) Report CEA 36 38
D2.9 TIP TIARA implementation proposal Other CERN 48 50
D7.3 RFSysVI-Spec Report on the design and specification of ICTF RF power distribution system for MICE Step VI Report STFC 36 16
D7.4 RF_Ampl-DR Design report of a 3 MW power amplifier Report CERN 36 36
 D9.1  TDIF Technical Design Report of the Multi-MW test Irradiation Facility  Report  CERN 36 36


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