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WP9: TIHPAC R&D Infrastructure


WP9: TIHPAC R&D Infrastructure


TIHPAC : Test Infrastructure for High Power Accelerators Components

Before launching the construction of EURISOL, the next-generation facility for the production of very intense radioactive ion beams (RIB), two major technical issues need to be addressed; the development of high power target and low beta superconducting accelerating structures. The objective of this Work Package is to coordinate the design of the corresponding test infrastructures: an irradiation test facility for the high power target developments and a test cryostat for testing fully-equipped low beta superconducting cavities (SC).





These installations are key infrastructures, not only for the accomplishment of the R&D programme that is required to enable the construction of EURISOL, but also for other projects, such as the European Spallation Source (ESS) or the development of Accelerator Driven Systems (ADS), in particular with the MYRRHA project, as part of the EUROTRANS programme.


The EURISOL facility is aiming at the production of very intense radioactive ion beams (RIB) using the ISOL (Isotope Separation On Line) technique. It would provide unique world-class research opportunities in nuclear physics, nuclear astrophysics and material science, and supply new radiopharmaceutical radioisotopes.





The facility is based on a 5 MW driver accelerator, capable of accelerating protons up to 1 GeV, and also some other species, such as deuterons and He3 (2+) to 250 MeV and 2 GeV respectively at a reduced current. The beam is then directed to one multi-MW target and several low power target stations for the neutron conversion and the RIB production. The produced RIBs produced are then prepared and sent to the post-accelerator, which can accelerate up to 150 MeV/u, depending on the physics case requirements.


Achieving the required performance on the EURISOL facility necessitates an important R&D on several key components to assess the technological choices. Several components are today at the technological limit, and the difficulties will be overcome only with an intense R&D effort which includes an important test and qualification programme. The opportunity to test these components in conditions as close as possible to the final operation of the machine is mandatory to achieve a reliable design, which can meet the specifications.




MYRRHA reactor

Image credit: MYRRHA, SCK•CENMYRRHA project


WP9 Deliverables

Nb Name Description Type Lead beneficiary Planned month Achieved month
D9.1 TDIF Technical Design Report of the Multi-MW test Irradiation Facility Report CERN 36 36
D9.2 TDCC Technical Design Report on the SC Cavity test Cryostat Report CNRS 33 36



WP9 Milestones

Nb Name Description Type Lead beneficiary Planned month Achieved month
MS33 DSIF Definition and Specifications of the Irradiation test Facilities Report CERN 12 12
MS34 PDIF Preliminary Design report of the high power Irradiation test Facility Report CERN 16 26
MS35 URCS User Requirements and setting up of the test Cryostat Specifications Report CNRS 13 36
MS36 PDCC Preliminary Design study of the low beta SC Cavity test Cryostat Report CNRS 18 included in D9.2


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