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TIARA mid-term meeting at CIEMAT Madrid (2012, June 12-14-(15))
Jun. 12th 2012 to Jun. 14th 2012

The main topic of the TIARA general mid-term meeting is to review the progress within the Work Packages. Plenary sessions will also include presentations of WP status and highlight talks as well as general interest talks on various topics such as R&D, accelerator infrastructures and industrial sector in Spain, EuCARD status, FP8.


The meeting is open to TIARA members, to external and local participants in the limit of the meeting capacity.


REGISTRATION on TIARA mid-term Meeting Website >> click here


Direct link to indico >> click here



The tentative schedule is :


Start day and time : Tuesday, June 12 at 14:00

End day and time : Thursday, June 14 at 16:00




The tentative main timelines of the meeting are:


June 12:

14:00-15:30 : Plenary session (Welcome and general TIARA information)

16:00-18:30 : Parallel sessions for the Work Packages activities


June 13:

9:00-12:30 : Plenary session (Highlight and/or general interest talks)

14:00-18:30 : Parallel sessions for the Work Packages activities


June 14:

8:30-10:00 : Plenary session (Highlight and/or general interest talks)

10:30-12:30 : Plenary session (Reports from the Work packages)

14:00-16:00 : Plenary session (Reports from the Work packages)

16:30-18:30 : Governing Council meeting


June 15:

9:00-13:00 : Governing Council meeting




The meeting will be held at Building #1 of the CIEMAT-MONCLOA emplacement. The Center is located at the very end of the University Campus (Ciudad Universitaria). Please be aware that to get into the Center, you need to show your ID at the Security point where they will give you a guest card and a map of the facilities of the Center.


Venue:  CIEMAT
             Avenida Complutense, 40
             Ciudad Univertsitaria
             28040 - MADRID


Contact : ctanguy
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