TIARA : Test Infrastructure and Accelerator Research Area

Test Infrastructure and Accelerator Research Area
Preparatory Phase



The TIARA Governing Council met in Uppsala University on 8-9 November 2011 >>   

The second TIARA Governing Council meeting was held at Uppsala University on 8-9 November 2011 for reviewing the progress achieved within all TIARA work packages. To this end, the members of the Steering Committee also attended the meeting.




The TGC members met at the Ångström Laboratory in Uppsala on 8-9 November 2011:

Tord Ekelöf presented to the participants a model of the 1000 m² FREIA Accelerator RF Development Laboratory which is currently under construction and is scheduled to be ready for operation at Uppsala University in 2013.


From bottom right to top right:

Tord Ekelöf (Uppsala & Nordic countries), Piotr Malecki (IFJ PAN), François Kircher (CEA, deputy coordinator), Anders Unnervik (CERN, WP3 leader), Philip Burrows (JAI, WP5 leader), Marica Biagini (INFN, WP8 leader), Umberto Dosselli (INFN), Paolo Pierini (INFN, WP4 leader), Leonid Rivkin (PSI, GC chair), Frédérick Bordry (CERN), Alex Mueller (CNRS/IN2P3), José-Manuel Perez-Morales (CIEMAT), Hartmut Eickhoff (GSI), Céline Tanguy (CEA, assistant coordinator), Yannis Papaphilippou (CERN, WP6 leader), Roy Aleksan (CEA, coordinator)

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